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HW for 04/12:

  1. text “Newspapers” – read, translate
  2. WB p. 40 №1-3


Important – важный

Although – хотя

Perhaps – возможно

Source – источник

Current – настоящий, текущий

Valuable – ценный

To entertain – развлекать

Rarely –  редко

Content – содержание

Modern – современный

Abroad – зарубежный


Newspapers  play a very important role in our life. In the past there used to be no family that didn’t read them. Now they are still popular, although the Internet is a more popular place where you can find some information. I think, we can learn many things from newspapers. Perhaps that is why many years ago an one American writer said: «All I know is what I see in the papers».

Newspapers have always been an important information source for people. Their main goal is to inform us about current events. Newspapers were especially valuable during the wars, when people couldn’t wait to learn the news. Today some newspapers simply entertain readers.

Nowadays newspapers have changed a lot. First of all, they are rarely black-and-white, as they used to be. Modern newspapers are bright and colourful. Secondly, the content isn’t only about politics. People can read about celebrities and new books, gardening and design in modern newspapers.

There are different kinds of newspapers in our country. People can buy them practically everywhere and even get for free in the underground in the morning.

My family’s favourite newspaper is “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. We can read about everything in this newspaper. There are articles about home and abroad news, sport events, life of famous actors and singers and even the weather. We can find many interesting things there. We can read some useful pieces of advice, stories about our life, and so on. There are puzzles, songs and even anecdotes there. In my opinion, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” is one of the most interesting newspapers.

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