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15/10 — Fine English Club Online


Публикация в группе: Английский язык - Ch Upper+ [Макарова О.М.]

HW (for 19/10)

1)WB p.88-89 №1-3 (Read & Listen!)

2) Words (Module 8) – translation test

2)Write a topic “Travelling around the world” (20+ sent, 10+ new words).

Introduction – ~4 sentences (about travelling in general)

Body part — your attitude to travelling (+your arguments), about your favourite/the most exciting/etc. trip, a place you would like to visit & why, etc.

Conclusion – ~3 sentences.

! Linking words (Moreover, firstly, secondly, finally, however, besides, overall, etc.)

! Interesting idioms/quotes (but the ones you will remember and will be able to think of during the test)

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