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16/10 — Fine English Club Online


Публикация в группе: Английский язык - EW2 [Макарова О.М.]

HW for 21/10

1)Text – read (10 times) and translate (файл прикреплён)


2)WB p. 15 №1, p. 21 №3,4

3)Draw a picture (or two), bring them to the class:

It is a sunny day. The sun is shining.

It is a garden with green trees and yellow and red flowers.

Sam is in the garden. He is going down the slide

A dog is sleeping under the tree.

Mum is brushing the steps. Amy is helping her.

Grandma is in the kitchen, she is making a cake

Grandpa is reading a book.

Dad is watching TV. 

Look at those big birds in the sky!

(нарисовать картинку (или две), на которой были бы отражены все пункты)

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Дата урока: 2020-10-16

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